the Cosmic Coalition For Modern Evolution

Heart-centered people bringing inner awareness into every aspect of their lives including politics

What is Cosmic Coalition For Modern Evolution?

The Cosmic Coalition For Modern Evolution is a community of people who have awakened to the need to bring a bigger, broader even spiritual and universal perspective to issues facing our country and our world. 

CCME (See me!) is a group of people who feel the need to get involved and to express themselves in ways that resonate with their souls and that harmonize with all people.

This is a place for listening, conversing, connecting and learning.

Away from the angry, confrontational voices arguing about political opinions, this is a safe place in which to be heard. It is a place to grow in your understanding of yourself; to discover your strengths, skills, and abilities; to find your voice; and to evolve in your own unique expression in our world.

This is a community of people with one common vision: 

One Love One World.

We come here to catch a greater vision for our country and for our world. Instead of looking outside ourselves at distinctions and differences, we look within and find a clear view of our similarities and all we hold in common. 

Here we can be seen

The Cosmic Coalition for Modern Evolution supports and encourages all people to follow their own path and to participate in their own unique way.

Regardless of your background, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, you are welcome here.